Freedom of speech is under attack in America. Our government is using private information to silence those who speak out against it. Whistleblowers are retaliated against for exposing misconduct. An emerging culture of censorship is having a chilling effect on people’s willingness to engage. This must change. Protecting the freedom to speak out and express ideas, even unpopular ones, is of utmost significance if we are to remain a free society.

Defend the First is a project of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) dedicated to engaging with veterans and military families on the importance of free speech and identifying threats to the First Amendment. In upcoming months, CVA will seek to partner with elected officials and free speech advocates across the country to raise awareness about the importance of free speech. Using our grassroots volunteer army, CVA will act quickly to beat back any legislative or regulatory threats against free speech that we identify on a state and federal level.

CVA is a nonpartisan nonprofit 501(c)(4) made up of veterans, military families and patriotic Americans that fight to defend the freedoms millions have sacrificed for in uniform.