New Mexicans speak up for their rights

Yesterday, the people of New Mexico stood up to voice their opinions on a proposed measure that would limit freedom of speech in their state. At a hearing at the New Mexico State House with Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver, citizens explained that forcing private organizations to reveal the personal information of their supporters would gravely limit open debate and chill free speech in the state. If this new rule is implemented, citizens of New Mexico and supporters of a wide range of causes would be open to intimidation and harassment from those who disagree with them.

Activists and patriots came from all over the state to give testimony on this measure, proving how serious the people of New Mexico take infringements on their freedom. Aside from those in opposition who were present yesterday, hundreds of New Mexicans submitted comments to the Secretary of State’s office, contacted their elected officials and signed a petition demanding that free speech be protected in their state.

The government and lawmakers have no need or right to access private information. This is an issue of individual freedom, and the citizens of New Mexico stood up to defend their First Amendment rights. It remains to be seen whether Secretary Oliver will respect the freedoms of her constituents.