Anti-free speech bill introduced in South Carolina

Free speech is in danger in South Carolina. State Senator Hugh Leatherman (R-SC) recently introduced S.255, a bill that would allow the government to access the private information of South Carolina residents in an attempt to learn what causes they are supporting.

This bill would open citizens up not only to unwarranted invasions of privacy, but also to the possibility of discrimination and retaliation. Although the United States has always been a nation of free thinkers, speakers and advocates, many – including our Founding Fathers – put that speech into practice relying on anonymity. Should this measure pass and that privacy be taken away, it could cause fear and mistrust while harming the desire to speak out – having a chilling effect on free speech.

Bottom line, S.255 is an attack on the freedom of speech; and it’s an attack that is not taken lightly by those who fought to defend that right. This bill would set a dangerous precedent for increased government scrutiny of private information that it frankly doesn’t need.

Millions of veterans and military members swore an oath to protect the and defend the First Amendment. You can honor that sacrifice and Defend the First in South Carolina too! Call, email and contact your elected officials in South Carolina to say “no” to S. 255 and protect free speech!